Welcome to my take on photography.  For 15 years I've been dragging around my cameras with me just about everywhere I go.  I can't say I have this incredible journey towards being a professional photographer, I didn't get a camera as a gift as a child or did I feel I looked at the world in any particular "artsy" way.  But I connect well with people, I always have.  My favourite part of photography is definitely not what type of gear I have in my bag, but what your story is all about!  Having a conversation about you and yours and what your dreams are is much more fulfilling to me.  Getting to know you helps me be a better photographer and allows me to capture you in ways you may not even realize yet!

My love of imagery is quite broad.  I can be found photographing a leaf on the ground to a mirky forest walkway, to a glamorous event or wedding or a downtown engagement session.  I take a mean headshot and have been known to act a fool, just to get the perfect reaction from your kids.  There is nothing better then seeing tears in the eyes of your clients while they thank you for capturing moments they will have forever.  Images are captured in literally seconds, but the reactions last a lifetime and that is more important to me then anything else in this world!

Please look around and kick the tires.  Ask me questions.  Get to know me as I wish to know you.  Let's create something together.